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jueves, 5 de enero de 2017

The natal chart of Islam

When the section reach the twenty-seventh degree of Pisces, which is when Venus be at its peak, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn take place in the sign of Scorpio, which is the indicator of the Arabs, the Arab dynasty will arise and there will be a prophet among them. Their strength and exaltation will remain as long as there be degrees of exaltation of Venus, that is eleven degrees approximately of the sign of Pisces. Their duration will be 610 years. Abu Mashar (Arab astrologer) in his Kitab al-Qiranat.
Then Venus, which is the planet of the Arabs, will begin to ascend, until it reach its exaltation. And they will attain power, because the Ascendant of the conjunction is Libra, whose dominant is Venus, which will be in exaltation at the moment of conjunction. This indicates that they will reign for 1060 years. Hurmuzdafrid (Persian magi)

The Islamic community will last what the longest conjunction last, that is 960 years, until the conjunction again take place under the sign of Scorpio, just as it did at the beginning of Islam. And when the position of the stars change its shape and be no longer what it had when the conjunction of Islam, the strength of it will diminish or new forms of thought will arise that will necessarily cause differences of view. Teófilo (Byzantine astrologer)
Quoted by Abd el-Rahman Ibn-Jaldoun (1332-1406) in chapter 52 of his muqadima (introduction) to Universal History "which deals with the vicissitudes of dynasties and nations, and includes a discussion on predictions and a review on what is known as divination."
As the historian Ibn-Khaldun wrote
"Astrologers rely, to make their predictions about the dynasties, on astrological norms. When it comes to matters affecting everybody, such as empires or dynasties, they base on astral conjunctions, especially that of the two upper planets. It happens that the two upper planets come into conjunction once every 20 years. After one of them, another is produced in another sign of the same triplicity, and is repeated in the same way until it takes place twelve times for each triplicity, which requires 240 years."
After 240 years of conjunction in signs of one element, they move on to the next. From fire they go to earth, then to air, then to water, and turn again to fire. The conjunction every 20 years is the small one. When the conjunction after 240 years passes to signs of another element is called median. When the conjunction after 960 years repeats itself in the same degree of the same sign is called great.
"The Great Conjunction announces terrible events, such as changes of power or dynasty, or the passage of power from one people to another. The Median Conjunction announces the emergence of dissidents, preachers of new movements, or the ruin of cities and civilization that is based on them. The Small Conjunction indicates the appearance of people seeking to seize power."
Prophet Muhammad peace upon him was born on April 22, 571 in Mecca, under a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Scorpio, the first in water sign in almost 7 centuries. Mohamed went unnoticed during his first 40 years of life, since the Koran was not revealed to him nor began to preach until 610. However, magi and stargazers assumed that something transcendental would happen that year 571.

The letter of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 3°31' Scorpio, which took place on August 31, 751, shows Venus dignified in his home sign at 20°18' Libra, as well calculated by the magi Hurmuzdafrid, although he failed for some hours the time when the conjunction would be exact, because the Ascendant calculated for lengths in the area nowadays known as Middle East is not in Libra, but in Gemini (the letter is drawn to Mecca); Nevertheless at that moment the Moon ascended in almost exact conjunction with the Ascendant, as corresponding to the religion of Half Moon. Those planets were not known in that age by stargazers, but Pluto regent of Scorpio in house 9 (religion) in opposition to Mercury signals a convulsion in religious ideas, Uranus regent of the ninth house in Aquarius forms a finger of God with the Moon and Mercury, and Neptune regent of the Midheaven in Pisces in the 11th house (the groups) indicates the emergence of a mass movement that would reach Power. As for the prediction of Abu-Masar, I understand that some copyist little versed in astrology must have made a mistake, changing Libra for Pisces.

Mohamed was born in the same year of the conjunction, on April 22 at 01:25 a.m.. Jupiter and Saturn dominated the ninth house (religion) in Scorpio sets to the South Node, opposed to the stellium formed by the Sun, Venus, Neptune and the North Node In house 3 (communication). It is clear that his Karma was to preach religion. Mars in conjunction with Lilith in 2°53' Cancer forms a large trine with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Scorpio and with Pluto in 28º Aquarius, indicating that he would be the head of a religion that would easily spread through Jihad.

The year 610 in which his revelation took place the conjunction was repeated, not in a water sign, but in Aquarius. At last the conjunction took place again in 13º44’ Scorpio, at 630, when Mecca, hometown of Muhammad (although he continued to reside in Medina where he died and was buried in 632), was seized with no resistance, which marked the definitive triumph of his movement. In the year 630 conjunction chart, Jupiter and Saturn are in house 3 in trine with Moon and with Mars in Cancer in house 7, and Pluto is in house 9; The Sun is at the bottom of Heaven, marking his triumph in his natal spot. 

The first caliphate, instituted at the death of Mohamed in 632 in the person of his successor Abu Baker, is marked by that conjunction in Scorpio of Jupiter and Saturn, in Trine with Moon and Mars in Cancer. Without the intention of making any exhaustive historical route, casually in the letter of the battle of Guadalete, with which the muslim dominion begins in Spain, these signs appear very dominant.

The battle of Guadalete took place at july 26, 711 in an indeterminate spot near the present city of Medina-Sidonia (Cádiz). There the last gothic king of Spain don Rodrigo was defeated and died by berbers troops commanded by Tarik. According to chroniclers, it was preceded by another 7 days of fighting, and began at dawn. 

Pluto the regent of Scorpio, sign of Islam, is along with the Sun on the Ascendant in Cancer, sign of North Africa and by and large Arabs. Mars and Lilith are in the Mid-Heaven, corresponding to a battle won thanks to the betrayal of a part of the goths. Neptune in the 9th house (the foreigner and religion) in Pisces, a water sign, indicates the new faith that is implanted in Spain. Jupiter and Saturn are already in Leo, but they have just a couple of years before done their conjunction in Cancer, or a triple conjunction if we tell Pluto.
The caliphate of the Abbasids lasted until 1258, when the mongol leader Hulagu Kan seized and sacked Baghdad and executed the last caliph Al-Mustasim. The 626-year span between 632 and 1258 fits rather well with the prediction of Abu-Masar, who had estimated it in 610 years. Surely Abu-Masar took into account that in 1186 began the Median Conjunction in signs of air, specifically in Libra. 60 years later (that is 3 small conjunctions) corresponds to the year 1246. The letter of the Sun eclipse that occurred on July 14 of that year, shortly before the conjunction, raised for Baghdad, shows the Sun eclipsed in the sign of Cancer, sharing the house 8 with Mars and Mercury, and Jupiter and Saturn culminating triumphantly in the house 10 in Libra, with Midheaven in the first degree of Libra. Libra is the sign attributed to China, Tibet and Mongolia since antiquity, so the conjunction in Libra had to have been for the Arab astrologers as the incontrovertible announcement of the mongol invasion. 

The Great Conjunction in Scorpio of 1425 marks the beginning of restoration of the power of Islam, now by the hand of the Ottoman Turks. The byzantine astrologer Theophilus considered that the repetition of the conjunction in Scorpio (at 854 years and not 960, because the median conjunctions do not add up but partly overlap themselves) would point to the definitive decline of Islam, and really marked a new boom, which precisely began by seizing his own country.

Constantinopla was conquered by Sultan Mehmed II in 1453, a few years after the second conjunction in water sign, now in Cancer. It is known that Mehmed ordered the final assault to begin on May 29, 1453 at 2 a.m., because it was when his stargazers had advised him that, and as can be seen, he was advised quite well. In fact, the city surrendered at 7 a.m. of that day. Jupiter is on the Ascendant in Aries, which is the best situation for the attacker. Saturn is in house 7, which augurs wretchedness for the enemy. Mars the regent of the Ascendant is in the fourth house, indicating that the Sultan was going to seize the city. House 4 was in Cancer and the Moon entered triumphantly in Scorpio, which augured the triumph of Islam. 

Sultan Selim finally conquered Egypt and the holy places of Mecca and Medina in 1517, assuming the title of Califa that until then boasted the deposed mamluk sultan of Egypt. The decline of the Ottoman Empire comes from the conjunction of 1603 in Sagittarius, with which the conjunctions begin in fire. Already in 1571 had been the battle of Lepanto. 

About the modern caliphates, we will try another day.

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