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viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

The American attack on Syria of April 7, 2017

On Friday, April 7, 2017, at 4:40 a.m., two US destroyers navigating the Eastern Mediterranean launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at Al-Shayrat air base in Homs province. According to master William Lilly, in the chart for the attacked place at the time when the first shots were fired, "the lord of the Ascendant, planets therein and the Moon are for the querent or challenger, or him who attacks; the seventh house, its lord and the planets therein, for the adversary "(Horary Astrology, chapter XXX" The seventh house and its questions "). Therefore, the armed forces of the United States are the Ascendant in Pisces, whose traditional ruler is Jupiter; The armed forces of Syria and its allies of Russia are the 7th house in Virgo, whose ruler is Mercury.

Jupiter is retrograde in house 7 in opposition to Sun and Uranus, indicating that in this war the adversary has the advantage. Interestingly that Jupiter will be stationary for much of the current year on the natal stellium of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in Libra, indicating that his support to the government of Syria is fundamental. On the contrary, Mercury is outside house 1 and receives no inharmonious aspects. Mercury is in face or decanate, whereas Jupiter is retrograde and does not enjoy in that degree of any essential dignity.

The point of fortune is in house 8, which confirms that the casualties caused among its defenders have been few.

House 10 is the commander of the attacking army, where Saturn is retrograde in square with Venus and Chiron in the last degrees of Pisces. That position of Saturn would indicate, according to Lilly, that "the commander on the querent's side will be extremely incapable and unworthy, and meet only disgrace". Certainly the decision of President Trump to launch this attack has been very questionable, and the astrological judgment confirms it.

The negative lunar node is in house 12, which, according to Lillly, would indicate that "the attacker can be expected to be trapped or ambushed by the enemy."

The positive lunar node and the moon in house 6 indicate that the ammunition used has been of high quality, although it appears that it has not been as effective as it was supposed to be.

Finally, and even if of those planets were not not known in the age of Lilliy, Uranus in House 2 indicates that the means available to the United States to start a war are not adequate and can bring unpleasant surprises; Pluto in house 11, that the allies which they have in the area are not reliable; Neptune in house 1 next to the Ascendant in Pisces, that the command of the operations is disoriented and with false illusions.

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