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domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016

Donald Trump, the chart of a breaker

If Donald Trump would have been born in a poor family in another country, he could have been a revolutionary leader, but having been born rich in USA, he only could be a outstandig mogul and a political outsider. The day he was born there was a lunar eclipse, with the Moon in exact opposition to the Sun and the lunar nodes by respective conjunctions. The Sun was conjunct Uranus in the tenth house in 22º Gemini, set to fixed star Phakt, which "gives a tendency toward genius and mediumship. It is conjectured that it will have enormous significance in the era of Aquarius. " Therefore, his Karma carries him to be powerful and exercise Power, but overrrunig  what was established. Jupiter and Chiron trine making from 17th Libra in his second house (money and property) assumes that the source of his power comes from wealth and real estate. Mean Lilith in his fourth house suggests that his wealth has increased due to speculation, but that was clear and did not need any astrological confirmation. The Ascendant in 29th Leo on the fixed star Regulus and set  with Mars indicate an extremely egocentric personality. It would be a dictator, of being born in another country.

Neptune in second house explains the ups and downs of his fortune: he became a billionaire in 70, still young, coinciding with his Midheaven secondary progression over his natal conjunction of Sun and Uranus; He was ruined in 1991, coinciding with the secondary progression of his Midheaven square, and his Ascendant conjunction, to his natal Neptune; He reemerged since 2001, with the same configuration of secondary progressions on his natal conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron.
And now, the question: Who is going to win, Donald or Hillary? Secondary progressions or solar revolution, show that as Hillary as Donald have good triumphs to aspire to lead USA. Midheaven secondary progressions of Hilary walks, between 2016 and 2022, on that stellium in Scorpio where are Venus, Mercury and Ascendant set to that as evil star Unuk. The Sun secondary progressions of Donald arrives in 2016 to his Ascendant in the last degree of Leo on Regulus.

It is normal for a candidate for president of USA, even thought not finally elected, to have many astrological signs that point to their triumph, because that will be the time of his life of maximum social relevance and so more to be remembered in History. 

In order to settle the issue, even temporarily, we will compare the natal charts of Donald and Hillary with the commonly admitted natal chart of USA, dated 4:50 pm on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, because who were called to govern it, presumably have some clear and meaningful synastry connection with it.

In Synastry of Donald and USA, the house 7th  of declared enemies of USA, so plenty of planets, has natal Mars (the planet of war) set to natal conjunction of Sun, Uranus and North Node of Donald in house 10th, in Gemini. There is no doubt that he is a guy of taking up arms. The second house (wealth) of Donald is on house 10th of USA, with Jupiter and Chiron in Libra, so decisive in his fortune, on natal Saturn of USA.

In comparison with Hilaria's chart, Midheaven of USA set to Neptune and Lilith is in 10th  house of Hillary, in Virgo (Power House). Ascendant of USA in 8º Sagittarius 8 (close to strong and brave star Antares) is in the first house of Hillary. The stellium in Cancer of USA, with Sun, Venus and Jupiter, is in a beautiful trine with natal stellium in Scorpio (Ascendant, Venus, Chiron and Mercury) in Hillary chart.

It therefore appears that Hilaria is much more attuned to the natal chart of USA, and that she is closer that Donaldo to become its chairwoman.

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