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sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2016

The unhappy star of the President

Suppose the White House security services, or the corresponding federal agency, required astrological advice to determine the possibility of newly elected President Donald Trump being killed during the exercise of his next term, and what steps should be taken to preserve his life.

The wisest thing we could do first is to analyze the natal charts of the four presidents of the United States assassinated to date in search of some common pattern, some unlucky star, that explained their lamentable fate. Then, using traditional techniques (secondary progressions, solar arc directions, solar revolutions and transits) on their charts, to seek which astrological pattern was repeated on the date of their respective murders, and what eclipses announced them. Finally, it would be necessary to study Mr. Trump's natal chart to see if he shares this common pattern with his ill-fated predecessors, and which dates of the next years are therefore particularly harmful.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, born February 12, 1809 at 6:54 a.m. in Hodgenville, Kentucky, had Lilith conjunct fixed star Algol (which at that time was around 23 ° Taurus) in house 3, Mars in house 8, Uranus in house 8 square Chiron in house 12, and Midheaven in Sagittarius conjunct fixed star Antares (which was then around 8º Sagittarius), Saturn and Neptune, and square Pluto.

Algol is the head of Medusa cut by Perseus, in the constellation of the same name, and is a particularly unlucky star, traditionally associated with violence. Antares is of martian nature indicating, when it is in Midheaven accompanied by malefics, honors and military glory but with possibility of a violent death. If I am allowed a slight digression, the presence of Antares in Abraham Lincoln's Mid-Heaven is proof of the validity of the United States Sibley chart, where it appears on the Ascendant. It is necessary to have Antares in the Midheaven to deserve a place among the Founding Fathers.

On 1865, in the secondary progressions chart, progressed Moon conjunct natal Chiron, progressed Mid-Heaven trine natal Chiron, and progressed Lilith and Venus opposite natal Midheaven and Saturn. In solar arc directions chart, directed Lilith opposite natal Moon, Mars directed sextile natal Sun and Ascendant, and the Half Heaven and Neptune directed sextile natal Saturn.

In the solar return chart for Lincoln's last birthday on February 12, 1865, Lilith was in house 12 (proving that the attempt was the result of a conspiracy) square Uranus and Jupiter; Pluto was on the cusp of House 8 in Taurus sextile Mid-Heaven and trine Moon, being Moon regent of Mid-Heaven in Cancer; Mars square Moon.

In the transits chart for April 14, 1865, the day of his assassination, transiting Saturn in house 8 conjunct natal Mars, trine natal Sun and Ascendant; transiting Uranus trine natal Mars in house 8; transiting Neptune conjunct, and transiting Lilith opposite, natal Venus, who is regent of the 8th house in both natal and solar Libra; transiting Venus conjunct natal Lilith on Algol, acting like a detonator.

The lunar eclipse of three days earlier, on April 11, was on 21º19' Libra in house 8, with Venus being the regent of the eclipse on Algol and natal Lilith.

James A. Garfield

James A. Garfield, born November 19, 1831 at 2 a.m. in Orange, Ohio, had Moon conjunct Chiron in House 8 in Taurus on the star Algol, opposite Sun and square Uranus and Jupiter. The Midheaven in 27º Gemini was close to the star Betelgeuse, also a martian star of those who bring success and honors but possibility of a fall from the top, receiving the opposition of Lilith from the last degrees of Sagittarius.

On 1881 in the secondary progressions chart, progressed Midheaven conjunct natal Chiron, while progressed Lilith opposite natal Midheaven. In the solar arc directions chart directed Ascendant opposite natal Moon, directed Mars opposite natal Midheaven, and directed Lilith  conjunct natal Jupiter.

In the solar return chart for Garfield's last birthday on November 19, 1880, Midheaven in Taurus is just on Algol in the natal house 8 in Taurus, opposite Mars in Scorpio; Pluto in house 10 opposite Sun; Neptune, regent of solar house 8 in Pisces is in Taurus in the house 9 conjunct Chiron and Midheaven.

As for the transits of July 2, 1881, when he was shot (he would die of his wounds on September 19), a large stellium had formed over his house 8, with Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter and Chiron transiting on natal Moon and Chiron.

The lunar eclipse of June 12, 1881 was on 21º25 'Sagittarius close to natal Lilith, with Jupiter being the regent of the eclipse in the 8th house.

William Mc Kinley

William Mc Kinley, born January 29, 1843 at 11:43 p.m. in Niles, Ohio, had Algol at the cusp of House 8 in Taurus, while Venus, regent of House 8 and Ascendant in Libra, square Uranus and Lilith. Chiron occupied a prominent position in House 10 opposite Sun, Moon and Jupiter in House 4.

On 1901 in the secondary progressions chart, progressed Midheaven trine natal Sun, while progressed Lilith sextile natal Moon and Jupiter, and trine natal Chiron. In the solar arc directions chart directed Lilith and Uranus were on the cusp of the natal house 8 on Algol; directed Midheaven opposite natal Uranus and Lilith.

In the solar return chart for his last birthday on January 29, 1901, Descendant is in Taurus on Algol, Mars is in the house 10 of revolution and Lilith is on the natal Ascendant on 27º Libra square Venus, regent of said natal Ascendant and of natal house 8.

On September 6, 1901, the day of the attack, Uranus by trine and Lilith by square aspected the natal Chiron, while Chiron transited on the natal Venus, regent of the Ascendant and the house 8 natal.

The solar eclipse of May 18, 1901 took place on Algol and the cusp of house 8 in 25º Libra.
John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy, born May 29, 1917 at 3:00 pm in Brookline, Massachusetts, was born with a stellium in house 8 in Taurus including  Mars, Jupiter and Mercury, with Mars just on the cusp of the house , and Jupiter conjunct Algol square Lilith in House 10; and with Uranus in the house 4. Venus, regent of the Ascendant in Libra and the House 8 in Tauro is also in House 8 sextile Lilith. His Mid Heaven is in 25º Cancer next to the star Procyon, another star of martian nature that brings the success but also the later fall, conjunct Saturn. Sun is set to Aldebaran, also a star of martian nature, in house 8, on the Descendant (the place of the enemies) of Sibley chart of the United States.

On 1901 in the secondary progressions chart, progressed Moon conjunct natal Sun, progressed Ascendant square natal Uranus and Lilith, and progressed Descendant conjunct natal Jupiter on Algol. In the solar arc directions chart directed Midheaven square natal Sun, directed Pluto square Mars, and the directed Moon’s nodes square Jupiter on Algol.

In the solar return chart for his last birthday on May 29, 1963, Neptune and Lilith are in house 12, indicating that his murder was the result of a conspiracy and object of deception and fallacies to cover it; Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Moon are next to Midheaven; Descendant and Mercury (ruler of Midheaven and the 8th solar return house) are in 25º Taurus on Algol.

In the chart of the transits for November 22, 1963 Saturn square, and Lilith opposite, natal Jupiter in the house 8 on Algol.

The solar eclipse of July 20, 1963 took place in 27º25 'Cancer on natal Midheaven and Saturn.


From the astrological analysis done so far we can draw some conclusions:

  • The unlucky star of the four US presidents who were killed during his tenure is Algol, the head of the Medusa. Its name comes from the arabic "Al Ghoul" (from which derives "alcohol"), that means the devil, the evil spirit, the demon’s head. It is a saturnine star with touches of Mars, Pluto and Uranus. It is traditionally associated with violence, either for committing it, or for suffering it. The four had it in house 8 and / or conjunct or bad aspects with malefics (Uranus, Pluto, Lilith, Mars or Chiron).
  • The presence of stars of martian nature in the angles or conjunct Sun contributed to the tragic fate of these presidents. These stars usually promote the rise or social notoriety and then drop from the top.
  • Lilith, Uranus, Pluto and / or Mars were prominent in both progressions and directions, as in the solar return chart of the year of the assassinations, as in the transits chart of that day.
  • In the solar return chart of the year of the murders, Algol or its regent was on some of the angles.
  • In the transits chart of the day of the murders the natal place of Algol or of Venus (regent of Libra) was transited by some malefic.
  • The murders were preceded by eclipses, solar or lunar, where the eclipse point, or its regent, was on some of the angles, or on Algol and / or house 8.

Donald Trump

Now comes the million dollar question: Is President Trump likely to be killed during his term? Does he share an astrological pattern similar to that of his unfortunate predecessors? The answer is yes.

Donald Trump has his natal Midheaven in 24º18' Taurus set to Algol, which in 1946 was next to 25th Taurus, square Mars in 26º46' Leo. His natal Ascendant at 29º55 'Leo is next to the star Régulus, martian-jupiterian nature, and is in orb of conjunction with Mars. In house 10 he has Sun conjunct Uranus and the north node, and opposite Moon and the south node (the day he was born there was a lunar eclipse). Lilith is trine Pluto, square Ascendant and Mars, and sextile Neptune, regent of his house 8 in Pisces.

I am not a determinist, "because the most elusive fate, the most violent inclination, the most impious planet, only the will incline, do not force the will," as Calderón de La Barca wrote. If President Kennedy had had an adequate astrological advice, he could have taken the decision not to have gone to Dallas on November 22, 1963, or to have restricted his public activities that week. What, then, are these dire times when the risk of Mr. President being attacked is maximum? Can they be calculated? those responsible for his safety ask. Again, the answer is yes.

End of August 2017

For much of 2017 in Donald Trump's secondary progressions chart, the progressed Moon trine natal Lilith; In the solar arc directions chart the directed Uranus conjunct natal Mars and square natal Midheaven.

In the solar return chart raised for June 13, 2017 (his 71st birthday) in Washington, Venus is at the cusp of the house 8 in Taurus, being therefore ruler of said house 8 and of solar Ascendant in Libra; Mars, regent of the solar Descendant in Aries, conjunct solar Midheaven.

In the chart of the transits for the end of August 2017, Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius transit on the natal Moon thus opposite natal Sun and Uranus; Uranus at 28º Aries still squares natal Saturn and Venus; Mars transits on natal Mars square natal Midheaven. August 27 will be the climax when the Moon joins the conjunction of Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius.

The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will take place right in the last degree of Leo, on the star Regulus and natal Ascendant, in orb of conjunction with natal Mars square Midheaven (and Algol).

Beginning of June 2020

This would coincide with the campaign for his re-election.
Between late 2019 and 2020 in the secondary progressions chart the progressed Moon square Lilith; In the solar arc directions chart the directed Midheaven trine natal Lilith.

In the solar return chart for June 14, 2019 Saturn and Pluto are in solar house 10 in Capricorn opposite Mars in house 4 in Cancer, being Pluto regent of solar house 8 in Scorpio and Mars regent of solar Ascendant in Aries; Lilith and Neptune are in solar house 12, just as Kennedy had in 1963, indicating another similar conspiracy, with Lilith sextile solar Midheaven.

In the chart of transits for early June 2020 a stellium has been formed in the later degrees of Capricorn with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto opposite natal Venus and Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto trine natal Midheaven; Neptune (regent of house 8 in Pisces) and Mars are on the cusp of said house 8 square Sun and Uranus in house 10; Lilith and Chiron are in house 8, Lilith opposite Jupiter and Chiron.

The lunar eclipse of June 5, 2020 takes place jointly to natal Moon in Sagittarius, as opposite natal Sun and Uranus.

January 2022

In the secondary progressions chart progressed Moon sextile natal Lilith and progressed Midheaven trine natal Lilith. In the solar arc directions chart the directed Uranus conjunct natal Ascendant.

In the solar return chart for June 13, 2021 Uranus and Lilith are in solar house 8, Lilith just on star Algol. Moon (regent of solar house 10 in Cancer) conjunct Mars in the first degree of Leo but within that House 10, and opposite Pluto in Capricorn.

In the chart of the transits of January 14, the climax day when Moon joins, Lilith transits natal Sun in house 10 forming a T with Neptune on the cusp of house 8 and with Mars in house 4.

The lunar eclipse of November 19, 2021 takes place on his Midheaven next to Algol. I suspect that this third fatal date is the worst of them all.

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